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BayesIt! 0.8.4 - Anti-Junk Plugin [TheBat! 2.x/3.x] - ENGLISH

Stefan Starke () - 05.06.2005

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The tutorial consists of several pages. The link to go to the next ('Nächste Seite') and previous page ('Vorherige Seite') can be found at the bottom of each page.

Additions or corrections to this tutorial can be send to the e-mail-address above, or you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page (button 'Kommentar schreiben').

«Version of BayesIt! this tutorial was mainly written for»

BayesIt!-Plugin 0.8.4 - TheBat! 2.x/3.x



General information and related links

Installation of the plugin

Getting the plugin to work with The Bat!

Options of the plugin

Basic setup of the plugin - features: filter's options & local alphabet

Rules and regular expressions

Black-, white- and ignorelist as well as regular expressions (regex)

Learning - The proper setup in The Bat!

First process of learning - anti-spam-settings in The Bat!

Statistics and information

Statistics and information about the plugin and integrated macro-feature

Frequently asked questions (new Q&A added on 05th June 2005)

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